Mobile device policy: How to prevent data theft

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Mobile device policy

Lisa Phifer
In this Security School lesson, expert Lisa Phifer covers the technologies, policy items and processes your enterprise needs to be considering as mobile workforces ramp up and security and compliance concerns emerge.

Watch the video, listen to the podcast, read the tech tip then take the quiz to see how much you have learned. Passing the quiz earns you one CPE credit from (ISC)².

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About the author:
Lisa Phifer owns network security consultancy Core Competence Inc.

In this part:

Webcast: Mobile security policy must-haves

Lost or stolen devices are currently the most imposing threat to data on mobile platforms. With more employees doing business on smartphones and tablet computers, security teams are being tasked with keeping the email and application data on those phones...

Tip: How to write an effective enterprise mobile device security policy

Expert Lisa Phifer explains the process for creating a winning enterprise mobile device security policy that reduces the risk of mobile data threats.

Tip: Top 5 mobile data protection best practices

In this tip, we highlight five essential best practices for protecting business data stored on mobile devices and tablets, and identify readily available technologies that can be used to implement them.

Podcast: Mobile device attacks

Since the conception of smartphones hackers have been developing ways to steal data from those phones. Because of these mobile phone threats mobile phone security has been a big topic for security professionals, and they have been working hard to develop...

Quiz: Mobile device policy: How to prevent data theft

How much do you know about mobile device policies and preventing data theft? Take this short quiz to determine what you've learned from our Security School on mobile device security policies with Lisa Phifer.

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