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Network Security Management

This section explores how IT teams can use data from security systems and apply analytics to gain a greater understanding and ultimately better visibility into network activity. The section highlights how public and private cloud servers can be protected using a managed firewall, how traffic shaping helped a university find and deter piracy activity on the network and how network traffic capturing systems help security appliances capture a greater amount of network activity. Many security vendors are betting that security information and event management (SIEM) systems will be the foundation for most enterprise security defenses.

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Network traffic

Network traffic capture systems offer broader security visibility
Corporate networks are larger and more flexible than ever before giving cybercriminals a larger attack surface to find a way in. This report explains how IT teams can monitor network traffic, make sense of data provided by firewalls, IPS and other security systems to gain better visibility into network activity.

Read how network traffic capture systems offer network security appliances better visibility into network activity.

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Next generation SIEM

Next generation SIEM could boost network visibility, but platforms must scale, experts say
Can security information and event management (SIEM) systems be the foundation for comprehensive IT data analytics? Some analysts think more powerful correlation engines and sharper analytical capabilities could help enterprise security teams gain visibility into the threats on the network. Read this article on next generation SIEM.

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Security SaaS

Security SaaS helps financial portal stop server attacks
Startup Dome9 provides cloud-based firewall management service for public and private cloud servers. Read how Dome9 helped one company fend off server attacks.

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Thwart content piracy

University IT security pros thwart content piracy with traffic shaping
A traffic-shaping system installed at the University of Exeter quickly yielded huge dividends by blocking illegal piracy of music and films. Learn how this traffic-shaping system works.

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Network forensics

Deploy network forensics tools and services for incident response
For incident response, solution providers may resell forensics tools or offer forensics as a managed service. Lisa Phifer compares the options.

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