Network Security Technologies

Eye On IT Security

Network Security Technologies

Network security remains a fundamental and indispensable facet of an overall enterprise security program. Network-based attacks carried out by botnets are relentless and can lead to a variety attacks, including denial-of-service, that can seriously damage a business’ ability to function.

This section of our Eye On IT Security Series examines the latest in network security technologies, including the latest features finding their way into intrusion prevention and intrusion detection systems, and network monitoring and forensics technology.

In this part:

Threat detection

Network threat detection moves beyond signatures

Network threat detection requires content monitoring and analysis, rather than solely relying on matching network packets to existing signatures.

DDoS mitigation

DDoS mitigation a key component in network security

With distributed denial-of-service attacks increasing in frequency, size and complexity, it’s time for online businesses to start protecting themselves.


Botnet infections have experts advocating less automation

Botnet infections in the enterprise have experts advocating less automation Having skilled IT pros closely monitoring intrusion prevention systems to investigate network traffic anomalies can reduce infections, experts say.

Case study

Z Gallerie leverages Amazon VPC with cloud VPN from Vyatta

Home decor and furniture retailer uses Vyatta’s software-based network operating system to provide secure remote connectivity within its Amazon Virtual Private Cloud environment.

Security assessments

Network security assessments: India Inc. is going beyond routine

As network security assessments become essential hygiene, security experts at Indian enterprises are honing in to specifics.

Security controls

Network security: Is new technology bypassing traditional controls?

Network security practices are among the most mature, but can businesses be sure network traffic is not sneaking past traditional controls?