Next-gen threats: Advanced malware, rootkit and Trojan defense

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Advanced malware, rootkit and Trojan defense

In a matter of months, the threat landscape has changed dramatically. In this lesson, learn how to thwart sophisticated attacks featuring custom rootkits, Trojans and malware designed to exploit unknown vulnerabilities.

About the expert:
Lenny Zeltser is a SANS Institute instructor and noted author.

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42% of security professionals surveyed by said they'll be spending more time on threat management in 2008 than they did in 2007. This Podcast details the top five ways to defend against today's Web-based threats.

Tip: Stopping malware in its tracks

There's no such thing as a cure-all for stopping malware. Effective malware defense demands a keen attention to detail and careful planning. Expert Lenny Zeltser offers a malware-defense blueprint every enterprise can follow, plus plenty of free tools to help along the way.

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