Preventing Web server attacks: Spyware and malware defense

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Preventing Web server attacks

Web servers need constant hardening, testing and monitoring to prevent Web server attacks. In this lesson, learn tactics, policies and best practices for keeping enterprise Web servers safe and secure.

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Michael Cobb is the founder and managing director of Cobweb Applications Ltd.

Entrance exam: Web attack prevention and defense

Test your knowledge of Web security to see if you'd benefit from our Intrusion Defense School lesson, "Preventing Web server attacks."

In this part:

Identify and analyze Web server attacks

Windows tools for investigating an attack

Use this list of Windows tools when investigating an attack against a Web server.

Web site attacks and how to defeat them

In this primer, learn how Web sites are attacked and how you can prevent yours from being victimized.

Quiz: Identify and analyze Web server attacks

Test your knowledge of the material covered in the "Identify and analyze Web server attacks" section of Intrusion Defense School.

Secure Web directories and development

Locking down your Web applications

In this primer, learn how dynamically created Web server content can present a risk to the server itself, and how good processes can improve the Web server security life cycle.

Quiz: Secure Web directories and development

Evaluate your knowledge of Web threats and how to defeat them. Questions cover security risks of dynamically created content and proper security management.

Secure Web server installation

Essential versus nonessential services for a Windows Web server

Use this security checklist to harden your IIS Web server.

Insider's guide to IIS Web server security

Primer - In this primer, learn about IIS Web server hardening procedures, access control, security policies, and backup and recovery strategies.

Windows IIS server hardening checklist

Use this checklist on the job to secure your IIS server.

Final exam: Web attack prevention and defense

Discover how much you've learned about Web server security with this final exam on