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Preventing data leaks

Richard Bejtlich
Today's most devastating security breaches often originate from within. In some cases, insiders accidentally or inadvertently leak confidential or proprietary IP. This lesson identifies "must have" data loss prevention policies, processes and technologies for combating this growing threat.

About the author:
Richard Bejtlich is founder of consultancy Tao Security.

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Video: Securing your network from the inside out

Learn to effectively assess threats from internal clients, detect anomalies in outgoing traffic, architect networks to resist internal attacks, respond effectively when attacks occur and more.

Tip: Preparing for extrusion detection with a network traffic analysis

Extrusion detection and prevention products can help companies proactively thwart internal data security breaches, but preparation is required before making a purchase. In this Data Protection Security School tip, Richard Bejtilch discusses the options.

Podcast: Fact or fiction: Inside extrusion detection and prevention technology

According to our latest survey of more than 608 enterprise security pros, 80% of enterprises say protecting data is more important in 2007 than last year, and 72% admit they need a better strategy. is responding to this growing need.

Quiz: Preventing data leaks

A six-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented by expert Richard Bejtlich in this lesson of's Data Protection Security School.

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