Preventing enterprise instant messaging security threats and attacks

Security Preventing instant messaging security threats and attacks:

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Preventing instant messaging security threats and attacks

Instant messaging has already become an indispensable business tool for many enterprises. In this lesson, get an overview of the IM security landscape, an update on the latest attacks and some quick tips on how to prevent wireless security threats and attacks.

About the author:
Michael Cobb is the founder and managing director of Cobweb Applications Ltd.

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  • Quiz: Secure instant messaging

    Messaging Security School -  A five-question multiple choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented in the Secure instant messaging lesson of's Messaging Security School.

  • Podcast: Top 5 quick tips for safer instant messaging

    Podcast -  Michael Cobb of Cobweb Applications counts down five quick tips that can secure IM in the enterprise. Cobb discusses account naming rules, acceptable use policy, instant messaging encryption and much more.

  • Latest IM attacks still rely on social engineering

    Tip -  In the age of email-borne superworms, email recipients would often become victims without any interaction or warning. However, as Michael Cobb explains, many of today's most dangerous instant messaging attacks require user interaction, meaning wary,...