Reinventing defense in depth

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Reinventing defense in depth

A sophisticated, modern defense-in-depth architecture is essential for every enterprise in order to avoid catastrophic information security incidents. But it can be a significant challenge for an organization to understand how to assess its current security posture, identify technical gaps, choose the best technologies to fill those gaps and then finally ensure those pieces are all integrated and managed effectively. This lesson explores those concepts to enable an enterprise to ensure it has all the pieces in place for an effective layered defense that can successfully withstand a multitude of evolving threats.

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In this part:

Video: Defense-in-Depth

The concept of defense in depth has evolved considerably from its origins in military strategy. Ten years ago it was a network-centric paradigm, but in today’s perimeterless enterprise environments where a myriad of mobile devices, applications and unique business requirements demand data and services that are available anywhere and anytime, a new take on defense in depth is needed to keep enterprise assets secure.

This video will offer an executive overview of not only the key business and technical issues that have necessitated a dramatic change in defense in depth design, but also how to develop a strategy that can be used to drive an organization’s layered defense tactics amid a threat landscape that has evolved rapidly in the last 1-2 years.

UTM features: Is a UTM device right for your layered defense?

Expert Mike Chapple explores what features a contemporary UTM device provides, and explains the factors that help determine UTM total cost of ownership

Podcast: Fact or fiction – Exfoliating for Layered Defense Success

Many enterprises operate an “accidental” layered defense: rather than thinking holistically about their security architectures, they buy point products over time to triage specific problems, not understanding that successful defense in depth demands complementary technologies that work in unison. This podcast will offers operational suggestions to help an organization identify gaps its defense in depth posture and when to consider new technology or tactics to fill those gaps.