SIM product, tool and system deployment

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SIM product, tool and system deployment

SIM products are useful enterprise security tools, but all too often, users end up with more log files than they know what to do with. Learn how to get only the essential and relevant data from your security information management systems. This lesson reviews the best tools and explains how focused SIM data can help with compliance, access control, and much more.

About the author:
Adrian Lane is a senior security strategist with independent consulting firm, Securosis, LLC.

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Tip: Mining enterprise SIM logs for relevant security event data

SIM products can be tremendously useful, but only if they offer information in a clear, concise manner. Given the complex nature of today's enterprise networks and the massive amount of information that SIMs can harvest, too much data can be worse than not enough. Adrian Lane explains how to get the most valuable data from a security information management system.

Podcast: How to choose the right SIM

There are dozens of security information management (SIM) tools on the market and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the wrong solution, however, is not just an issue of wasting your investment, but also potentially failing to accomplish critical business goals.

Listen to this expert podcast and learn more about important differences between SIM appliances and software-based tools, leveraging SIMs for collecting and utilizing the right types of data for compliance and other security policies, and tips for evaluating SIM solutions and deciding which option is best for your organization.

Quiz: Getting the most out of your SIM deployment

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