Integration of Networking and Security School

SIMs: Security and network management integration

A recent TechTarget survey of nearly 1,000 IT pros shows that network/security integration is a top priority for most organizations. One of the most important steps toward integration is the effort to correlate and analyze data outputs from SIMs, network performance management and anomaly detection tools. The goal is to understand and react to bandwidth and application performance issues but also sound the alarm when data flows show anomalous behavior.

In this Integration of Networking and Security School lesson, we'll discuss how this can be done, the benefits and the potential pitfalls to this approach.

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Tip: Challenges behind operational integration of security and network management

The integration of security and network operations holds a great deal of promise thanks to today's security information management technology, but there are a number of hurdles to overcome when it's time to flip the switch. Sasan Hamidi outlines the SIMs-related challenges that security and networks teams may face, and how to overcome them.

Podcast: Top five ways to sell NOC/SOC integration

NOC/SOC integration offers enterprises a number of benefits, but time and trouble of making the conversion is enough to make executives wary. In this podcast, learn key insights about the business value gained by fostering NOC/SOC integration. Some of the answers may surprise you, as it's not just for compliance anymore.

Quiz: Marrying security and networking tools

A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of Sasan Hamidi's Integration of Networking and Security School lesson.

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