Securing DNS infrastructure

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Securing DNS

In this Security School lesson, learn the myriad threats to DNS security including cache poisoning and denial of service attacks, IP spoofing, footprinting and redirection attacks.

About the author: Char Sample has close to 20 years of experience in Internet security, and she has been involved with integrating various security technologies in both the public and private sectors.

In this part:

Webcast: DNS security best practices, securing DNS infrastructure

Char Sample details three key methods for securing DNS, including how to monitor an enterprise’s DNS infrastructure traffic.

Tip: DNS attack prevention: Inside DNS components vulnerable to attack

DNS attack prevention demands an understanding of the four core DNS components attackers often target. Expert Char Sample explains.

Podcast: DNSSEC deployments: The top 5 concerns and how to avoid them

A DNSSEC deployment is possibly the best mitigation for cache poisoning attacks. Learn how to avoid the top five concerns in DNSSEC deployments.

Tip: Types of DNS attacks reveal DNS defense tactics

A thorough understanding of the types of DNS attacks, including DoS, reflector attacks and DNS cache poisoning, reveal key DNS defense tactics.

Quiz: Potential pitfalls in DNSSEC deployments

Test your knowledge of DNSSEC deployments in this five-question quiz.

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