Securing the application layer

Integration of Networking and Security School

Securing the application layer

In this lesson, learn what the main threats are to the application layer, and how to leverage existing tools to help protect against these threats.

About the author:
Cory Scott is the regional director for consulting services at Matasano Security.

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Tip: Securing naming and directory services for application defense-in-depth

There are several aspects of naming and directory services when it comes to security. In this tip, part of the Application Security School lesson, learn how to secure LDAP, as well as how application security teams can work with infrastructure security teams to secure naming and directory services.

Podcast: Top 5 must-haves for your SDL

Securing Web applications is no longer possible if it's only an after-the-fact exercise. Software security best practices must be integrated into the application development life cycle so that attackers never have a chance to exploit common application flaws. In this recording, our expert will cover the essential framework for including security in a software development life cycle. You’ll learn five things your SDL must include and how to evangelize and implement security to application developers.

Quiz: Securing the application layer

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Video: An application security framework for infrastructure security managers

In this video, Cory Scott of Matasano Security offers a primer on application security vulnerabilities including why they are so hard to prevent and fix, and offers an application security framework to help support prompt and diligent application security efforts in the enterprise.