Securing your first remote office: Solutions for less than $10,000

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Securing your remote office for less than $10,000

Over 80% of corporate network traffic is generated from remote offices, according to research firm Gartner. Here, noted network security expert David Strom will focus on securing the remote data and remote network devices in locations beyond the corporate headquarters.

In this lesson, Strom will provide an overview of the remote office security management landscape, step-by-step advice for setting up a managed unified threat management remote firewall/ VPN and real-world advice from security practitioners on remote office security.

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Video: Securing your remote office

While an enterprise may have a layered network security approach for its headquarters or large offices, branch offices are often overlooked. Security lapses in smaller locations can make the overall enterprise vulnerable to attacks. To address the need for remote office security management, both security and networking vendors alike are offering a new breed of security products that protect branch offices and provide central management as well.

In this video, we will explain the steps in setting up a remote or branch office securely, outline the options and explain the pros and cons of each technology. We'll also focus on technologies and services that are inexpensive, and that are easily set up and maintained by busy IT staffs.

Podcast: Real-world best practices for securing remote offices

Preparation is important when securing a remote office or branch office, but there's nothing like the skills and experience gained from actually undergoing the experience.

Quiz: Securing your first remote office

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