Using NAC policies and tools for endpoint protection and compliance

Integration of Networking and Security School

Using NAC policies and tools

Whether you're considering NAC for the first time or are deep into a company-wide deployment, this lesson will show you how to use NAC policies and tools to develop a endpoint protection security strategy and complaince.

About the author:
Mike Chapple, CISSP, is an IT security pro with the University of Notre Dame.
Also featuring special guest instructor Joel Snyder of Opus One.

In this part:

Video: NAC and endpoint security: The hard questions

Video - Joel Snyder covers challenging endpoint security questions and explains how NAC technology can address them.

Tip: Phased NAC deployment for compliance and policy enforcement

Thinking about NAC? You're not alone. Many organizations are taking a new look at the latest generation of network access control tools, with the hopes of mapping security policy requirements to technical controls. For those about to take the NAC plunge, Mike Chapple reviews the proper phases of deployment.

Podcast: Making NAC work with your existing security tools

This podcast provides listeners with real-world anecdotes and detailed information on how to overcome obstacles presented by conflicts between your various Network Access Control (NAC) products and other security and networking tools on your network.

Quiz: Using NAC to create a strong endpoint security strategy

A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of Mike Chapple's Integration of Networking and Security School lesson.

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