Security VPNs and remote access: Secure deployment, setup and strategies:

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VPNs and remote access: Secure deployment, setup and strategies

Virtual private networks can reduce the cost of business communication while extending secure remote access to teleworkers, travelers and mobile professionals. But deploying and managing a secure VPN can be challenging. In this lesson, guest instructor Lisa Phifer, owner of consulting firm Core Competence, teaches you about the latest innovations in VPN technology, IPsec VPN identity and authentication options, and secure VPN deployment strategies.

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  • VPNs and remote access quiz

    Identity and Access Manag -  Take this five-question quiz to see how much you've learned about VPNs and remote access.

  • Understanding IPsec identity and authentication options

    Tip -  IPsec VPNs extend your network's security perimeter by connecting individual hosts or entire networks. Preventing unauthorized access starts with verifying the identity of those VPN tunnel endpoints. Using the wrong authentication method can lead to...