Watching the watchers

Data Protection Security School

Watching the watchers

Andreas Antonopoulos
In this Data Protection Security School lesson, expert Andreas explores how to monitor the activities of your most trusted insiders with a combination of policy, process and technology to keep unauthorized access and data loss to a minimum.

About the author:
Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a senior vice president and founding partner with Nemertes Research.

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Webcast: Preventing Data Leaks Associated with Access Creep

Access creep occurs when user privileges are not managed and monitored properly, and employees have access to more systems and applications than are required to do their jobs. This webcast will explain the data leak risks involved and how to limit access...

Tip: Role-based access control for effective security management

Effective role-based access control is vital for properly managing user access rights and enforcing access policies, but avoiding role sprawl can be challenging.

Tip: Privileged user access management: How to avoid access creep

One of the most difficult areas of privileged user access management is avoiding access creep. John Burke covers how to keep privileged users in check.

Podcast: 5 Common Missteps with Trusted Insider Privileges

Insiders with elevated privileges are trusted with the keys to the kingdom; they're also prime targets for abuse from outsiders. In this podcast, you’ll learn five quick fixes to lessen the risk posed by trusted insiders.

Quiz: Monitoring your trusted insiders

How much have you learned about monitoring your privileged insiders? Test your knowledge in this short quiz.

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