Why SSL certificate security matters

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Why SSL certificate security matters

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a primary tool in protecting sensitive operations with Web servers. So getting SSL certificate security done right is absolutely essential to providing secure interactions with your organization's web applications. In this Security School lesson, you'll learn about specific methods used to exploit SSL and how to defend against them.

About the expert: Rob Shapland is a network and application security expert.

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Webcast: SSL security: Why it still matters

The world of SSL can be hard to understand, but it's all too easy for savvy attackers to exploit weak or misconfigured SSL to exploit users, steal traffic and ultimately pilfer sensitive data. The webcast will introduce SSL, and the concept of SSL certificates and certificate authorities. It will explain the concept capturing plaintext traffic and SSL-encrypted traffic to show how easily an attacker can grab data as it travels across seemingly secure network wires

Tip: SSL certificate management: Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Errors are bound to occur when SSL certificate management is handled manually. Learn how to avoid these common mistakes.

Podcast: Fact or fiction: Using SSL with Web applications

Too often security teams blindly believe that SSL offers a thick blanket of protection over Web applications. However, unless enterprises make key choices correctly during implementation and heed important warnings when they arise, SSL merely serves as a cloak under which attackers sneak into enterprises' back-end systems. This podcast will offer a “Fact or Fiction”-style review of the best practices for using SSL with Web applications.

Quiz: Why SSL certificate security matters

In this five-question quiz, evaluate your knowledge of our Security School lesson on why SSL certificate security is important.

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