Windows Server 2008 security features

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Securing Windows Server 2008

The release of Windows Server 2008 included a number of significant security-related changes. This lesson will provide an overview of the features and enhancements, including read-only domain controllers, Network Access Protection and more.

About the expert:
Elizabeth Quinlan is the technical lead for HynesITe where she is a trainer/consultant.

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Podcast: Read-only domain controllers: What are they and why should I care?

Learn the concept of a read-only domain controller and why security professionals should recommend its use in their enterprises.

Tip:Exploring Microsoft's Network Access Protection policy options

In this tip, two major changes in Windows 7 are examined that should be considered before an enterprise-wide Windows 7 upgrade project plan can be implemented; incorporating DirectAccess VPN technology and the enhanced Windows Firewall.

Quiz: Security-related enhancements in Windows Server 2008

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