2011 Security 7 Award winners

Information Security magazine announces the winners of the seventh annual Security 7 Awards. The Security 7 Awards recognize the efforts, achievements and contributions of practitioners in the financial services/banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, government/public sector/non-profit, education and health care/pharmaceutical industries. This year’s winners span the range of security professionals, from the founders of a series of unique security events, to an influential legislator fostering improved information sharing between the public and private sectors, to a CISO who has had great success with tabletop exercises.

Each of the seven winners was asked to write a first-person essay on a subject matter they are passionate about. The winners represent the best the information security profession has to offer, and their perspectives serve as important benchmarks for the industry today.

Table of contents:

Security B-Sides conferences: Hub of collaboration

Security B-Sides conferences have expanded the confines of traditional security conferences. From unique venues to the insistence that attendees participate, founders Mike Dahn, Jack Daniel and Chris Nickerson explain how these events have broken away from mainstream security conferences and how they serve the security community.

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Secure online payment system requires end-to-end encryption

The online payment ecosystem is a prime target for cybercriminals. Security 7 Award winner, Steven Elefant, formerly of Heartland Payment Systems, explains why end-to-end encryption is needed to maintain the integrity of transactions carried out online.

Read Secure online payment system requires end-to-end encryp

Computer security education shouldn't be limited to tech pros

Security 7 Award winner, Douglas Jacobson of Iowa State University explains why tackling today’s threats requires computer security education for the general public.

Read Computer security education shouldn't be limited

National cybersecurity requires improved communication

Better information sharing between the government and private industry will be a foundation for improved national cybersecurity efforts. Rep. Jim Langevin (D-RI) explains the role government needs to have in fostering improved communication between the public and private sector.

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Security awareness programs require engagement and attentiveness

Security 7 Award winner, Christopher Paidhrin of Southwest Washington Medical Center explains why a security awareness training program can’t be successful without the engagement of employees.

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Emergency tabletop exercises enable effective crisis planning

Emergency tabletop exercises with real-world scenarios enable effective crisis planning, incident response and disaster recovery. Security 7 Award winner, Matthew Todd of Financial Engines explores the key components of effective tabletop disaster exercises.

Read Emergency tabletop exercises enable effective crisis pl

Vulnerability management program has unexpected benefits

Security 7 Award winner, Brian Wishnousky of Rogers Communications explains how to get the best actionable data from a vulnerability management program to fill patching gaps and uncover rogue devices.

Read Vulnerability program has unexpected benefit