Choosing security products: Enterprise antimalware software, appliances

Choosing security products: Enterprise antimalware software, appliances

Enterprise antimalware has taken some hits lately. Its effectiveness has been called into question, both for detecting run-of-the-mill viruses and larger advanced cyberattacks, and many feel it's no longer worth the money. But it's not time to pull the plug just yet.

Enterprise antimalware is still a valuable technology in ensuring network and endpoint security. In this special segment of our Choosing security products, Mike Rothman of Securosis details what to look for in winning enterprise antimalware software and appliances.

Table of contents:

Antimalware software introduction: Business benefits and drawbacks

Mike Rothman reviews how antimalware software has evolved to address various business and technology issues. Learn what malware is, its role in the attack cycle, and how today's antimalware products seek to stop it.

Technical considerations for selecting the best antimalware technology

Antimalware technology has dramatically evolved from its signature-matching heritage to add a number of new detection techniques. Mike Rothman details the technical characteristics to look for in today's antimalware products, including why the cloud has become crucial.

How to choose the best antimalware products: Questions to ask vendors

To choose one out of many antimalware products can be difficult and confusing, even for skilled security pros. Learn the ten critical questions to ask when choosing the best antimalware product for an enterprise environment.

Choosing enterprise antimalware products: Final considerations

Mike Rothman discusses final considerations you should think about when choosing between and evaluating antimalware tools from various antimalware providers, including the importance of packaging, integration and management capabilities.