IPS IDS best practices: Implementation and deployment

IPS IDS best practices: Implementation and deployment

Proper implementation of intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) in the enterprise requires some research and skill. Security managers must ensure the type of system they want to deploy has all of the features they need and is compatible with their environment, and be aware of implementation best practices.

In this mini learning guide, which is a part of the SearchSecurity.com IDS/IPS Security Guide, security pros will learn more about IPS/IDS best practices for deployment and implementation in the enterprise.

Table of contents:

Security in virtualization: Implementing IDS and IPS

When it comes to security in virtualization, many intrusion detection and prevention systems may work differently when they scan physical environments, and may not operate as intended with implemented within a virtualized network or system.

In this tip, SearchSecurity.com contributor Dave Shackleford will explain how an enterprise can create an IDS/IPS implementation strategy that will work in a virtualized environment.

What are the IPS/IDS best practices for implementation and deployment?

Although implementing an intrusion prevention system has become necessary for every enterprise looking to keep its networks secure, actually rolling out an IPS for the first time can be a scary experience. If problems arise during the implementation process, an enterprise could end up disrupting network traffic, which can negatively affect the normal course of business.

In this Q&A, network security expert Mike Chapple offers a checklist of best practices for deploying an IPS that will have security staff avoid any pitfalls.

Strategies for IPS and IDS deployment

Looking to implement an enterprise IPS or IDS? Here, security pros can learn about the most common implementation scenarios, as well as the slight differences between IDS and IPS, IPS and IDS deployment strategy best practices, and how to write IPS and IDS rules.

IDS best practices for creation and signature database maintenance

Setting up an enterprise intrusion detection system and maintaining a signature database of IDs can be daunting.

In this Q&A, network security expert Mike Chapple discusses some common best practices every organization should keep in mind when creating an IDS database as well as advice on how to maintain signature databases.