RSA Conference 2012: Special Conference Coverage

RSA Conference 2012: Special Conference Coverage

Get news from RSA Conference 2012. Cloud computing, mobile threats and attack intelligence gathering are likely to be among this year's top themes.

RSA Conference 2012 keynote prescribes intelligence-driven security

RSA’s Arthur Coviello urged security pros to break down silos and intelligence-driven security programs, or face a tough year.

Dan Kaminsky offers unconventional wisdom on security innovation

Luminary Dan Kaminsky, known for his DNS research, pushed RSA Conference 2012 attendees toward security innovation by upending conventional wisdom.

Research into cryptographic system limitations crucial, RSA panel says

Researchers testing some of the most relied upon cryptographic algorithms are making progress in breaking them, according to experts on the 2012 RSA Conference Cryptographer’s Panel.

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Table of contents:

RSA 2012: Threat Detection and Prevention News

To get help with secure software development issues, find your own flaws

RSA Conference 2012 experts say finding and sharing real internal secure software development issues is the best motivator for change.

Joe Security is pwned: Are security defense technologies working?

With the evolution of malware and threats, are security industry technologies like signature-based antivirus, and intrusion protection and detection working? Or, are we losing the battle?

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RSA 2012: Mobile Device Security News

Smartphones and tablet devices are posing major challenges at enterprises. The bring your own device (BYOD) phenomena has strained corporate security policies and become a security quagmire for CISOs and IT teams. Learn about emerging best practices and common strategies shared at RSA 2012.

Experts say Android malware research can help Android app security

Android malware research experts at RSA Conference 2012 say using free tools to spot Android malware trends can help foster greater Android app security.

Copycat apps, runaway coding a growing threat, RSA panel says

Despite application store controls set by Apple and Google, a panel of mobile application security experts say the potential exists for weaponized applications.

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RSA 2012: Cloud Security News

Companies continue to grapple with complex data management and networking security challenges introduced by the use of cloud computing services. This news section highlights the cloud computing security best practices and guidance for enterprises from RSA 2012 and the Cloud Security Alliance summit.

Security pros need to get in front of cloud computing trend, RSA panel says

Cloud computing is an inevitable shift in IT that security teams can’t stop, but innovative security pros can figure out ways to ensure it’s adopted safely.

That was the message conveyed by a panel of security executives at the RSA Conference 2012 on Wednesday. The cloud computing trend is accelerating and security teams need to adapt, panelists said.

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RSA 2012: Policy and Government News

Learn some of the ongoing compliance challenges faced by enterprises. Read about the regulatory landscape and how federal officials are addressing cyberwarfare, critical infrastructure protection and threat intelligence sharing. This news section explores the governmental and policy decisions that are discussed at RSA 2012.

FBI Director Mueller: For U.S., cybersecurity threats will surpass terrorism

At RSA Conference 2012, FBI Director Robert Mueller said the bureau is ramping up to fight cybersecurity threats and boost information-sharing efforts.

Struggling to maintain compliance amidst conflicting priorities

Government and businesses – and individuals – often have competing priorities when it comes to information security and privacy, and those competing priorities are reflected in the multitude of ever-expanding compliance regulations in the U.S. IT pros are struggling to maintain compliance in light of these competing priorities and, from my vantage point sitting in on GRC sessions at RSA Conference 2012 this week, they are pretty stressed out.

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RSA 2012: Security Product Announcements

Security vendors typically release major product updates or new security technologies and capabilities at RSA Conference. This section briefly covers some of the vendor product news showcased on the exposition floor at RSA 2012.

New Web app firewall added to Cyberoam’s UTM appliance range

Cyberoam introduced a new feature to its existing UTM appliance range at RSA Conference 2012 that detects illegitimate behavior from applications.

LockPath updates Keylight risk management software tool

LockPath announced the release of version 2.2 of its Keylight risk management software tool at RSA 2012.

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RSA 2012: Notable keynotes and panel discussions

RSA 2012: Trustworthy computing more important than ever, says Microsoft

Information security is becoming increasingly challenging rather than easier, according to Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing group.

RSA 2012: SSL certificate authority security takes a beating

Researcher Moxie Marlinspike came down on certificate authority security at RSA Conference 2012, calling for trusted notary servers as an alternative.

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RSA 2012: SearchSecurity podcasts

Big data or big security buzz word?

Pete Lindstrom of Spire Security joins the editorial team in a discussion about the themes that emerged at RSA Conference 2012. Big data resonated at this year’s conference, but what does it mean? Also, the team talks about the specter of mobile security and whether application security gets overshadowed at the annual event.

Andy Purdy on critical need to address SCADA woes

Andy Purdy, chief cybersecurity strategist at CSC shares his views on SCADA vulnerabilities and sharing threat intelligence data at RSA Conference 2012. A member of the team that developed the U.S. National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace in 2003, Purdy later served as cybersecurity czar overseeing the NCSD in the Department of Homeland Security and the US-CERT.