RSA Conference 2013: Analysis, video and news from RSA

RSA Conference 2013: Analysis, video and news from RSA

Your home for all the news at RSA Conference 2013. Big data, cyberespionage, advanced attacks, BYOD and more from San Francisco.

Top stories: RSA 2013: Experts struggle to define offensive security, hacking back

Is offensive security or 'hacking back' a viable cyberdefense tactic? RSA Conference 2013 experts struggled to define the terms, never mind the role they play.

RSA 2013 crowd awed by live 'sinkholing' in P2P botnet takeover

Tillmann Werner of CrowdStrike wowed onlookers with a live 'sinkholing' demonstration, taking down the Kelihos P2P botnet.

RSA 2013: FBI offers lessons learned on insider threat detection

At RSA Conference 2013, experts from the FBI said insider threat detection hinges not on technology, but on a multifaceted 'people-centric' approach.

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RSA 2013: News on big data, BYOD and management issues

RSA 2013: Charney optimistic about the future of information
In his RSA Conference 2013 keynote, Microsoft's Scott Charney struck an optimistic note when talking about the future of information security.

Big data 2.0: CISOs push need to identify attack campaigns
CISOs at RSA Conference 2013 say identifying attack campaigns means taking security big data to the next level. The really hard part? Finding data analysts.

More news:

RSA 2013: Cloud security news

Cloud security panel discusses transparency, Notorious Nine at RSA
A panel of cloud security experts fielded questions on cloud provider transparency, the CSA's Notorious Nine report and more at RSA Conference 2013.

CSA updates push toward cloud provider security assurance at 2013 CSA Summit
The Cloud Security Alliance expanded its cloud security training and cloud provider security assurance efforts Monday at its 2013 CSA Summit.

Experts say mobile security depends on cloud security
Panelists at the Cloud Security Alliance Summit say mobile security and cloud security are linked, and that preventing data loss demands securing the app layer.