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Arbor Network's Topic Takeover on DDoS

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  • What's the best defense against BlackEnergy malware?

    Answer -The BlackEnergy malware has evolved from DDoS launching to a crimeware tool to an APT. Learn more about its changes and new defense measures for combatting the threat.

  • Is a hybrid DDoS defense strategy the best option for enterprises?

    Answer -Choosing between on-premises and cloud DDoS services can be challenging, so why not use both? Expert Dan Sullivan explains.

  • DDoS prevention: The latest means and methods

    E-Handbook -Last year distributed denial-of-service attacks, also known as DDoS, rose to record levels of not just frequency but also strength, with attack traffic reaching rates as high as 400 Gbps. DDoS attacks are still a popular means of hacking and they’re only going to get more sophisticated and hard to detect. Fortunately the approaches to mitigating attacks have gotten more sophisticated, too. But will the new approaches -- including hybrid combinations of cloud and on-premises defense -- rise to the challenge hackers present?

    This three-part guide explores the latest on DDoS and how to strengthen enterprise systems to resist attacks. It includes an analysis of the latest type of DDoS attacks that need to be handled and also covers what network administrators need to do so their own networks aren’t used to in a DDoS attack against someone else. Closing down open services will do a lot to reduce the scale of many attacks. In addition, the concept of a mega-DDoS attack is explored, as well as a variety of tools and methods than can help prevent DDoS attacks or minimize the damage when they occur.

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