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  • Cloud computing ecosystem: How to map your course

    Channel partners have witnessed vast cloud computing ecosystems sprouting up around a multitude of platforms, such as Salesforce, Google, Dropbox and ServiceNow Cloud. The opportunities are equally as vast. However, to work within these intricate systems and build cloud offerings, companies must overcome complex challenges.

    In this three-part guide, we offer an extensive look at the prospects and roadblocks presented by cloud ecosystems. First, we examine what it takes to flourish in one and what your company will need to bypass potential pitfalls. Next, you will learn about the partner network developing around cloud storage and collaboration vendor Dropbox. Finally, we lay out methods for adapting a cloud offering to a specific industry, providing several steps companies can take to develop a vertical market strategy.

    Get ready to build your business around a cloud computing ecosystem.

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  • Are you exploiting Office 365 features to the max?

    BPOS has evolved significantly over time into the various Office 365 features and services of today. Are you aware of how these services can benefit you? Continue Reading

  • Some AWS customers evaluate cloud vs. on-premises options

    Large technology shops that rely on AWS infrastructure have to weigh several competing issues in choosing cloud services. Cost is a reason to leave AWS, but it's not the only one. Continue Reading

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