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  • Group-chat software sees explosive growth and intense competition

    Microsoft Teams and Workplace by Facebook are facing off against rivals such as HipChat and Slack in a high-stakes competition for market share in group-chat applications. Continue Reading

  • Understanding real-time collaboration tools for business

    Real-time collaboration tools are the latest applications to aid IT leaders seeking to improve employee productivity and collaboration. Continue Reading

  • Facebook seeks to revolutionize the enterprise collaboration market

    Enterprise collaboration tools are not new: For almost a decade, Enterprise 2.0 technologies have sought to foster employee collaboration. But with the debut of Facebook's Workplace, will the social platform of choice for 1 billion users conquer the enterprise collaboration market? The social media giant certainly faces challenges: The beta version of Workplace was not without its drawbacks, and businesses already have numerous options for social software. In this issue of CIO Decisions, we talk to analysts, beta users and CIOs about Facebook's big business play and whether Workplace will deliver on its promises to enhance employee collaboration. Elsewhere in this issue, the CIO of Shutterstock discusses his company's shift to a software-defined data center, and New Balance executives discuss why lockstep cooperation between business and IT is integral to the company's success. Continue Reading

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  • How does Nemucod malware get spread through Facebook Messenger?

    The Nemucod downloader malware is being spread through Facebook Messenger disguised as an image file. Expert Nick Lewis explains the available protections against this attack. Continue Reading

  • How does a U2F security key keep Facebook users safe?

    Universal second factor devices can be used to strengthen authentication on major websites such as Facebook. Expert Matthew Pascucci explains how U2F works. Continue Reading

  • Going multichannel will improve customer experience -- but not without a plan

    Companies today know they can't get by with just a call center. And they know adding a website alone won't help much. They know where it's at: to improve customer experience, they'll also need a social media presence, a mobile app -- and they'll need to be reachable by text. A tall order, but nothing technology won't fix, right?

    Wrong. Technology won't do a thing for them without a solid business strategy, writes Banafsheh Ghassemi in this chapter of The Multichannel Mandate e-book. That includes identifying the right mobile strategy, breaking down customer data siloes and exploring new technology such as mobile wallets and geolocation tools. Only then will companies be able to provide seamless customer service across communication channels -- serving customers on the phone, on social media and on the website -- without a rep asking them to repeat information they've already given. That, Ghassemi says, is the secret to beautiful customer relationships. Continue Reading

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