Playing with fire(walls)

Find out how well you know your firewall.

As with any security technology, how well you know your firewall dictates how well you can protect your assets....

Take this quiz to find out if you're firewall savvy. Click on the link for the correct answer and additional resources. When you're done, let us know how you did and what other topics you'd like to test yourself on.

1.) What type of firewall monitors SMTP traffic for anomalies and signature-based attacks?
A. XML firewall
B. e-mail firewall
C. packet-inspection firewall
D. desktop firewall

2.) What governs the type of traffic that is and is not allowed through a firewall?
A. rule base
B. gateway
C. access control list
D. partition

3.) What firewall topology utilizes a triple-homed firewall?
A. series circuit
B. bastion host
C. screened subnet
D. dual firewalls

4.) What advanced firewall architecture examines both incoming and outgoing packets down to the application layer?
A. fail-safe
B. static-packet filtering
C. series circuit
D. stateful inspection

5.) What type of firewall separates message-level security from transport-layer security?
A. XML firewall
B. e-mail firewall
C. packet-inspection firewall
D. desktop firewall

6.) When deploying dual firewalls in a parallel fashion, it's best to configure them so that in the event of a failure, both firewalls automatically block all traffic. What is this configuration called?
A. fair share
B. load balancing
C. series circuit
D. fail-safe

7.) What firewall architecture analyzes only the headers of packets and was replaced by dynamic packet filtering as the industry standard? 
A. series circuit
B. static packet filtering
C. stateful inspection
D. fail-safe

8.) What type of attacks do some firewalls try to limit by enforcing rules on how long a GET or POST request can be?
A. smurf
B. denial of service
C. buffer overflow

9.) What term describes the application of a firewall rule base to traffic headed out of the network?
A. fail-safe
B. ingress filtering
C. egress filtering
D. bandpass filtering

10.) What firewall facility monitors the state of active connections and uses this information to determine which network packets to allow through?
A. access control list
B. dynamic packet filter
C. gateway
D. static packet filter

How'd you do?
9-10 correct: Firewall hotshot
6-8 correct: Firewall friendly
3-5 correct: Firewall feeble
0-2 correct: Firewall faux pas


This was last published in April 2005

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