Alternative OS security: Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.

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  • Security Bytes: Mac patch falls short of expectations

    In other news, one hacker gains root access to a Mac while another shows how to compromise Microsoft Fingerprint Reader. 

  • Security Wire Weekly: Mac OS Security, mobile malcode and the Oracle patch

    In this weeks audio download, security guru, Winn Schwartau, discusses Mac OS security in the enterprise. Plus, details on the new 'Crossover' mobile malcode, the out-of-cycle Oracle patch and how a $50 million Internet scam got busted. Listen on you... 

  • Apple fixes more than a dozen OS X flaws

    The pile of security updates is Apple's response to not only a critical flaw uncovered last week, but also to the recent scrutiny regarding the security of its flagship OS. 

  • Threats don't diminish Mac's reputation

    IT pros still believe Mac OS X is more secure than Windows, despite recent challenges, but that isn't likely to help it unseat Windows in the enterprise. 

  • Hey, Mac. Is that a worm in your Apple?

    In this week's Security Blog Log, Bill Brenner looks at the furor over new threats targeting Mac OS X -- long considered a more secure alternative to Windows. 

  • Critical flaw found in Mac OS X

    A serious problem with the way Apple's OS processes specially crafted resource forks and HFS metadata comes just days after it became the target of malicious code for the first time. 

  • Securing Web logins

    In this identity and access management Ask the Expert Q&A, our expert outlines best practices and techniques for securing Web logins. 

  • Open source security in a Windows enterprise

    While Open source security products can provide low-cost security, enterprises are reluctant to depend on them. In this tip contributor Tony Bradley examines why this is so and how this relunctancy may affect the open source community. 

  • Apple fixes multiple QuickTime security flaws

    Attackers could use maliciously crafted images or media files to cause a denial of service or launch malicious code. A new version of QuickTime fixes the problems. 

  • Security Bytes: Flaws found in BlackBerry Server

    In other news, Social Security numbers of H&R Block customers are reportedly exposed and multiple vulnerabilities are found in the Linux kernel.