Alternative OS security: Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.

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  • Apple releases QuickTime security fix

    The popular QuickTime multimedia application is afflicted with at least seven security flaws, but Apple has released an update to fix them. 

  • Exploit code targets Apple Mac OS X

    Security researchers warn that a piece of malware that has long targeted Windows is now setting its sights on Apple's Mac OS X operating system. 

  • Apple releases fixes for Mac OS X, iPhone vulnerabilities

    Apple Computer has released software patches fixing critical vulnerabilities in Mac OS X and its newly released iPhone. 

  • Apple tackles a new QuickTime flaw

    For the second time in a month, Apple has been forced to fix a QuickTime flaw attackers could exploit to access sensitive system data and run malicious code. 

  • Apple patches multiple Mac OS X flaws

    Attackers could exploit several holes in Mac OS X to run malicious code on targeted machines, trigger denials of service or escalate privileges. Apple has released patches. 

  • Apple fixes QuickTime flaw

    As Apple releases a fix for the QuickTime flaw at the heart of a Mac hacking contest, Gartner issues a statement saying such contests are bad for security. 

  • Mac hack puts Apple faithful on the defense

    This week in Security Blog Log: A much-hyped QuickTime exploit threatens Mac OS X and Windows browsers, but the Apple faithful feel the greatest sting. 

  • Mac hack tied to Apple QuickTime flaw

    A researcher won a Mac hacking contest by exploiting a hole in Apple QuickTime. The flaw is also a threat to those who use Firefox, Safari and Windows. 

  • Apple fixes 25 Mac OS X flaws

    Attackers could exploit about two dozen flaws in Mac OS X to cause a denial of service, bypass security restrictions, disclose sensitive data and run malicious code. 

  • Apple patches dozens of dangerous Mac flaws

    The software vendor issued an update to address 45 flaws, including several kernel issues, disk image handling problems and AppleTalk networking troubles.