Alternative OS security: Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.

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  • Stop & Shop acknowledges security breach

    In other news, researchers warn of a new security hole in Mozilla Firefox that could allow attackers to tamper with cookies. 

  • Apple fixes Mac Wi-Fi flaw

    The Mac OS X Wi-Fi flaw Apple fixed Thursday was first disclosed as part of the Month of Kernel Bugs in November. Attackers could exploit it to crash the targeted system. 

  • Apple fixes critical QuickTime flaw

    The QuickTime flaw was disclosed earlier this month at the start of The Month of Apple Bugs Project. 

  • Will two different operating systems cause administrative problems?

    Using two different operating systems can often boost a company's security, but there are practical limitations to the enterprise practice. In this expert Q&A, Michael Cobb reveals how separate platforms can lead to deployment issues and higher devel... 

  • trusted computing

    Trusted computing is a broad term that refers to technologies and proposals for resolving computer security problems through hardware enhancements and associated software modifications... (Continued) 

  • 'Month-of' flaw projects come under fire

    This week in Security Blog Log: The Month of Apple Bugs has some wondering if the real motive for such disclosure projects is better security or better press coverage. 

  • Critical Apple flaw discovered in Mac OS X

    Attackers can exploit the flaw remotely to compromise a user's system via the Safari Web browser. 

  • Information security market 2006 year in review

    In part two of our two-part special edition of Security Wire Weekly, site editor Eric Parizo reveals his picks for top information security interviews of 2006. Audio clips in this program include Andrew Braunberg of Current Analysis; Johannes Ullrich... 

  • Apple QuickTime flaw could enable botnets

    Attackers could exploit a new Apple QuickTime flaw to grow their botnets by tricking users into visiting malicious Web sites, and then hijacking their machines. 

  • Apple fixes 22 Mac OS X flaws

    The patches include a fix for a Wi-Fi flaw reported earlier this month as part of the Month of Kernel Bugs. A number of other flaws remain unfixed, however.