Alternative OS security: Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.

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  • Critical flaw found in Mac OS X

    A serious problem with the way Apple's OS processes specially crafted resource forks and HFS metadata comes just days after it became the target of malicious code for the first time. 

  • Apple fixes multiple QuickTime security flaws

    Attackers could use maliciously crafted images or media files to cause a denial of service or launch malicious code. A new version of QuickTime fixes the problems. 

  • Security Bytes: Flaws found in BlackBerry Server

    In other news, Social Security numbers of H&R Block customers are reportedly exposed and multiple vulnerabilities are found in the Linux kernel. 

  • Apple patches 13 flaws in Mac OS X

    Attackers could gain unauthorized system access, compromise sensitive data and launch malcode by exploiting a series of security holes in Mac OS X. But patches are available. 

  • Influential survey says security 'set back by 6 years'

    Update: The SANS Top 20 vulnerability list for 2005 shows the bad guys attacking flawed apps and paying more attention to network holes. 

  • Lupper worm targets Linux systems

    Security firms say the malware spreads by exploiting security holes in Web servers. 

  • Security Bytes: New malware targets Skype users

    In other news, a Microsoft patch causes problems while a Lynx flaw affects Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux distributions. 

  • Apple patches Mac OS X Java flaws

    Attackers could use the security holes to write malicious files, boost user privileges and intercept traffic to a Java application. 

  • New SuSE Linux 10 to use code from OpenSuSE project

    SuSE Linux 10, due out next month, is the first version of Novell's Linux distribution to benefit from the OpenSuSE project. Some say that could be good news for users. 

  • Mad as Hell XVI – Chill, folks, …just chill

    It's not quite the last word, as you'll read, but three months are up for the author's grand experiment. And he's no longer mad as hell.