Is it time to ban dangerous third-party apps?

Application Attacks (Buffer Overflows, Cross-Site Scripting)

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  • Security Bytes: Cisco adds to its patch pile

    Flaws in IOS and CallManager could be exploited to escalate administrative privileges and cause a denial of service. Meanwhile, exploit code targets Veritas NetBackup. 

  • Flaws affect F-Secure AV products

    The security vendor has addressed a number of vulnerabilities in its Windows and Linux antivirus product that could be exploited by attackers to escape detection, cause a denial of service or launch malicious code. 

  • Oracle patches 82 critical flaws

    Attackers could exploit the latest Oracle vulnerabilities to access sensitive information, overwrite files or launch SQL injection attacks in numerous applications, including PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. 

  • Microsoft confirms Windows Wi-Fi flaw

    However, until a rollup patch is released, the software giant said Tuesday that users can take basic steps to protect themselves from the Windows wireless vulnerability. 

  • Security Blog Wire: Symantec flaw parallels Sony BMG

    This week's blog roundup focuses on Symantec and whether it borrowed a page from the Sony BMG playbook by using a hidden program. 

  • Apple fixes multiple QuickTime security flaws

    Attackers could use maliciously crafted images or media files to cause a denial of service or launch malicious code. A new version of QuickTime fixes the problems. 

  • Security Bytes: Symantec warns of more WMF glitches

    In other news, two accused of bogus spyware claims settle with the Federal Trade Commission while a feared Sober explosion fails to materialize. 

  • Experts express concern over WMF patch delay

    Security experts agree that a large-scale exploit is possible while users wait for next week's Windows Meta File patch. In the meantime, experts advise managers to educate users about what sites they should and shouldn't visit. 

  • Microsoft releases WMF patch early

    The software giant released a patch for the much-exploited flaw at 4 p.m. ET Thursday. Additional security updates are scheduled for next week. 

  • Security Bytes: Flaws found in BlackBerry Server

    In other news, Social Security numbers of H&R Block customers are reportedly exposed and multiple vulnerabilities are found in the Linux kernel.