Is it time to ban dangerous third-party apps?

Application Attacks (Buffer Overflows, Cross-Site Scripting)

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  • Java security: Is it getting worse?

    Some say that Java security is no longer up to snuff, suggesting that the development language is a magnet for harmful threats such as cross-site scripting and SQL injections. In this tip, security expert Joel Dubin examines the current factors affec... 

  • Finding and blocking Web application server attack vectors

    Web application server attacks are nothing new, but attackers are coming up with creative new ways to penetrate them. Information security expert Peter Giannoulis examines how data-hungry attackers are using Web application servers to crack into back... 

  • The dangers of application logic attacks

    Do you know how to prevent an application logic attack? In this tip, Web application security expert Michael Cobb explains how application logic attacks occur and offers tactics for protecting your Web applications. 

  • Software security flaws begin and end with Web application security

    By now, developers are well aware that Web applications are vulnerable to an attack, though recent data indicates that the threat may be growing. In this tip, Michael Cobb offers insight as to why Web application vulnerabilities linger and provides d... 

  • Why Web services threats require application-level protection

    Now that more organizations are using application-layer firewalls to secure Web applications, what's an attacker to do? Find a more vulnerable victim, of course. In this tip, expert Michael Cobb explains how and why hackers have st... 

  • CRLF injection attacks: How they work and what to do about them

    CRLF injection attacks may not be as popular as other application attacks, but they can be just as devastating. Learn how CRLF injection attacks are executed and how to defend your organization against these attacks. 

  • Application logging is critical in detecting hack attacks

    Now that networks are fairly well-protected, attackers are targeting application servers. In this tip, security expert Mike Chapple explains how implementing application layer logging is becoming a crucial addition to every organization's security st... 

  • Preventing blind SQL injection attacks

    Most security professionals know what SQL injection attacks are and how to protect their Web applications against them. But, they may not know that their preventative measures may be leaving their applications open to blind SQL injection attacks. SQL... 

  • HTTP attacks: Strategies for prevention

    Examine how hackers manipulate HTTP requests to solicit an attack, and learn various guidelines developers should follow to mitigate this threat. 

  • Automate SQL injection testing

    Manual testing for SQL injection requires much effort with little guarantee that you'll find every vulnerability. Instead, run automated SQL injection tests. In this tip, security guru Kevin Beavers shows you how.