Biometric security technology: The safest types

Biometric Technology

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  • capture

    Capture is the process or means of obtaining and storing external data, particularly images or sounds, for use at a later time. 

  • Future authentication technologies: How to choose the right product

    In this lesson in's Identity and Access Management Security School, Burton Group's Mark Diodati explores innovative and cost-effective user-based authentication technologies. 

  • Review: DigitalPersona offers solid biometric authentication

    Enterprises looking for a biometric single sign-on solution will like what DigitalPersona Pro offers. It's easy to use and can function with single- and two-factor authentication. 

  • Will biometric authentication replace the password?

    Some security observers say user IDs and passwords are obsolete and can be easily cracked, but that doesn't mean you should fire up biometric authentication projects just yet. In this Q&A, identity management and access control exp... 

  • What should be considered when purchasing an authentication product?

    With one-time tokens, smart cards, and biometrics being only a few of the many available authentication products, it's often difficult for an enterprise to select which tools are most appropriate. Luckily, in this Q&A, identity man... 

  • Do privacy regulations protect biometrics information?

    Enterprise regulations protect sensitive employee information, but what about biometric data? In this Q&A, identity management and access control expert Joel Dubin explains why your fingerprints, voice prints and other personal aut... 

  • How will HSPD-12 affect authentication?

    HSPD-12, signed in 2004, has called for standardized access to government facilities. In this expert Q&A, Joel Dubin reviews the mandate and states how it could impact today's authentication methods. 

  • biometric payment

    Biometric payment is a point of sale technology in which a customer submits biometric data, such as a fingerprint, to authorize the deduction of funds from a bank account... (Continued) 

  • Identity and access management final exam

    Find out how much you learned in Identity and Access Management Security School and the areas where you need to focus more attention. 

  • Secure user authentication: Regulations, implementation and methods

    When deploying any authentication option -- whether to comply with the FFIEC's two-factor authentication mandate or simply strengthen access controls -- businesses need to weigh several factors to decide which option best suits their needs. In this l...