Biometric security technology: The safest types

Biometric Technology

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  • Keynoters push for ID federation, harsher laws

    Top executives for two of the industry's biggest companies stressed working together to rebuild trust through open authentication standards and stiffer database breach laws. 

  • Verizon security chief says protect your data first

    ATLANTA -- JP Callahan, a former counter-intelligence agent with the U.S. Department of Defense, runs data center security for Verizon Business, the company's data center hosting arm. While Callahan has the demeanor of a standup comedian rather th... 

  • Review: DigitalPersona offers solid biometric authentication

    Enterprises looking for a biometric single sign-on solution will like what DigitalPersona Pro offers. It's easy to use and can function with single- and two-factor authentication. 

  • Security Bytes: Mac patch falls short of expectations

    In other news, one hacker gains root access to a Mac while another shows how to compromise Microsoft Fingerprint Reader. 

  • Taking a swipe at two-factor authentication

    Cryptographer Bruce Schneier claims combining passwords with another form of authentication won't stop ID theft or phish scams. Is it really as bad as he says? 

  • Will 2005 measure up as the year of business biometrics?

    Enterprises looking to biometrics for more than just security may be pleasantly surprised if they take the time to investigate what the technology can offer. 

  • Pointing the finger at biometrics

    A highlight of this month's Consumer Electronics Show was the expanding role of biometrics as "convenience-based security." Gadget geeks, take heed. 

  • IBM touts fingerprint reader in new ThinkPad

    IBM said the embedded fingerprint reader in its new ThinkPad will boost security and bring biometrics into the mainstream. 

  • Can your fingerprint be compromised?

    Biometric systems are presumed to be a strong form of security because they authenticate users through fingerprints, retinal patterns and other unique physical characteristics. But, what happens if that information is compromised? 

  • Biometrics may be too pricey, complex for data center

    Data center managers and experts say that biometric devices need to come down in cost, and that integration difficulties have to disappear before those tools come to represent a preferred authentication method.