Three ways CISOs can make security a priority for the C-suite

Business Management: Security Support and Executive Communications

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  • Mergers and acquisitions: Building up security after an M&A

    Mergers and acquisitions are common headlines in today's information security world, and that's great news for malicious hackers and data thieves. When companies join forces, they often leave themselves open to attack. In this tip, contributor Ed Sko... 

  • PatchLink, SecureWave announce merger

    Security firm PatchLink said it plans to acquire SecureWave to strengthen its patch management platform with endpoint security and policy management features. 

  • Endpoint fears drive PatchLink-SecureWave merger

    Experts say the PatchLink-SecureWave merger makes sense since IT pros want a better way to protect their endpoint devices. But PatchLink's market supremacy is far from assured. 

  • What is the best organizational model for an IT security staff?

    In this Q&A, security management expert Mike Rothman unveils the essential policies, procedures and job functions that contribute to the successful functionality of an IT security staff. 

  • Ensuring Web application security during a company merger

    When companies merge, so must their Web application infrastructures. Securing and integrating applications, however, can be a struggle without cooperation from all sides. In this tip, Michael Cobb explains how a merged organization can avoid turf bat... 

  • Watchfire will help IBM build application security

    Analysts have been pushing the Security 3.0 concept this week at Gartner's IT Security Summit, and one analyst says IBM's acquisition of Watchfire illustrates the trend. 

  • IBM to acquire Watchfire for risk, compliance

    IBM agreed to acquire Waltham, Mass.-based Watchfire Corp. to add Web application and compliance testing tools into Big Blue's Rational development platform. 

  • Best practices for compliance during a merger

    Company mergers involve more than just aligning two different security infrastructures. When one vendor acquires another, it's the handling of compliance issues that can be an IT security staff's toughest task. In this tip, security expert Joel Dubin... 

  • security

    In information technology, security is the protection of information assets through the use of technology, processes, and training. 

  • How can IT professionals bring security concerns to senior management?

    In this expert Q&A, Shon Harris shows security professionals how to speak the language of senior management.