The role of sandboxing in advanced malware detection

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  • SmartScreen

    SmartScreen is a Microsoft filtering tool designed to detect and block suspicious and malicious sites, applications and files. The program checks the safety of websites and downloads and tracks malware and phishing attempts. Introduced in Windows 7'... 

  • Mobile security market moves away from FUD

    Citrix's chief security strategist says the lock-everything-down mentality can hinder mobile productivity. 

  • Sandboxing security: A cure-all strategy for virtual environments?

    Sandboxing is a limited technology. Expert Brad Casey explores the margins and supplemental products organizations can use in virtual environments. 

  • Experts: Merely ousting Bennett won't solve Symantec strategy problems

    Experts say firing Steve Bennett overshadows the larger problems with the Symantec strategy, namely the company's lack of focus on security. 

  • Cut Microsoft admin rights to mitigate 92% of threats, study shows

    Removing Microsoft admin rights from employees mitigates 92% of critical vulnerabilities reported in 2013 

  • Roots of Trust (RoT)

    Roots of Trust (RoT) is a set of functions in the trusted computing module that are always trusted by the computer’s operating system (OS). The RoT serves as separate compute engine controlling the trusted computing platform cryptographic processor o... 

  • password blacklist

    A password blacklist is a list of words disallowed as user passwords due to their commonplace use. Blacklists may also incorporate rules to prevent the use of common passwords with frequently-used modifications such as capital letters, standard subst... 

  • password strength meter

    A password strength meter is an indicator, either in graphical or text form, of the strength of a password as entered by a user. A password strength meter shows how resistant a given password might be to cracking attempts like brute force attacks. 

  • Microsoft to offer Windows XP antivirus updates past April 2014

    Software giant Microsoft will extend Windows XP antivirus updates past the XP end-of-life date, but security patches are still slated to end in April. 

  • Securing endpoint devices with code-execution prevention

    A survey revealed 54% of enterprises don't know if they use code-execution prevention on networked endpoint devices. Does your organization?