The role of sandboxing in advanced malware detection

Client security

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  • Endpoint security coming of age

    Confusion over what endpoint security actually is won't hold it back, but it does present other concerns. 

  • Cisco patches multiple IOS flaws

    The networking giant said attackers could exploit security holes in IOS to cause a denial of service or access network resources. Patches are available. 

  • Momentum builds for Cisco's NAC program

    Cisco said 15 companies will deliver products compatible with its Network Admission Control program in the first part of 2005. 

  • Enterprises have a role in fighting ID theft

    Experts say enterprises must avoid being used as pawns in identity theft schemes. A new survey shows customers support companies that take strong steps to protect them. 

  • Cisco and Microsoft strike deal on perimeter security

    The companies' respective network-edge technologies will be interoperable, according to a Microsoft official, who also outlined the projected release dates for several Windows-related products and services. 

  • Symantec firewalls, gateways vulnerable

    Several Symantec firewalls and gateway appliances are vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks that potentially allow a device's configuration to be altered. The vendor has released patches. 

  • Beyond borders: Losing the perimeter to gain better data security

    A new concept introduced at Black Hat Briefings cuts costs and time to market while providing better network protections where needed. 

  • Four VM best practices could help secure your networks

    The Yankee Group recommends best practices for vulnerability management. Some businesses are resistant, experts say. 

  • Update: Vulnerability in ZoneAlarm Pro

    ZoneAlarm Pro's mobile code filter doesn't weed out SSL content, leaving a door for exploitation. 

  • Vulnerability in ZoneAlarm Pro

    ZoneAlarm Pro's mobile code filter doesn't weed out SSL content, and an attacker could exploit it to lure users to malicious sites. But the vendor said there is "no potential" for it to be exploited on a mass scale.