New measures for security metrics: Ranum Q&A with Jay Jacobs

Data Analysis and Classification

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  • The rapid evolution of MDM solutions

    Mobile device management (MDM) continues to grow at a feverish pace, both in terms of adoption and mobile security features. BYOD policies, and the rapid turnover in consumer mobile technology, have left many organizations grappling with MDM requirem... 

  • incidence

    Incidence, in statistics, is the rate of occurrence of something within a population, or the number of times it occurs. The rate of incidence is usually expressed as a fraction, for example, 48 cases of measles out of a population of 750. It may also... 

About Data Analysis and Classification

In this learning guide, get advice on data classification and learn how classifying and storing sensitive information according to a risk and threat level can help keep data secure. Experts offer advice on data classification methods, models and tools, as well as digital rights management (DRM) and protection on intellectual property.