Do predefined DLP rules prevent compliance violations?

Data Loss Prevention

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  • Network Content Monitoring

    Technologies that monitor how data moves in and out of organizations are rapidly intersecting. Data loss prevention, digital rights management and database activity monitoring, just to mention a few, all have overlapping functions and purposes not on... 

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  • Preventing data leaks

    Today's most devastating security breaches often originate from within. In some cases, insiders accidentally or inadvertently leak confidential or proprietary IP. In other cases, insiders commit corporate espionage on behalf of a competitor. The chal... 

  • Enterprise strategies for protecting data at rest

    Many of today's data security breaches can be attributed to lost data. While security pros often focus on network soft spots, storage and e-discovery practices are often overlooked. This lesson will outline e-discovery services and how to ensure succ... 

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  • Data loss prevention

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    Learn how to prevent Google hacking in this excerpt from Chapter 8: Stalking the Computer of "Steal this Computer Book 4.0," by Wallace Wang.