DDoS attack sizes grow, but experts fear targeted DDoS

Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Prevention-Detection and Analysis

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  • Auditor's office wards off potential wireless threats

    Because of its strict anti-wireless policy, the Washington State Auditor's Office found a creative way to ensure that no one inside or outside could tap into the state network wirelessly. 

  • The key technologies in a network perimeter intrusion defense strategy

    This article lays the groundwork for future discussions of intrusion defense. Joel Snyder introduces technologies that act as strong network perimeter defenses. 

  • Achieving network security with tomorrow's antivirus tools

    Learn about antivirus from an intelligence/technology perspective and offers best practices for simple file-type blocking, and the implementation of heuristic- and reputation-based antivirus tools. 

  • Grid computing and security uncertainties

    Sun Microsystems made a splash last week by announcing the first generally available commercial grid computing service. However, it was quickly brought to its knees by a DDOS attack; it proved to be minor, but nonetheless turned the spotlight on the ... 

  • Flaws reported in Trend Micro ServerProtect

    Storage and security managers should be wary of vulnerabilities in the AV product that could enable a denial-of-service and malicious code execution. Workarounds are available. 

  • How to prevent application attacks and reduce network vulnerabilities

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A, our application security guru discusses how hackers exploit network vulnerabilities to attack your applications and what you can do to mitigate this risk. 

  • Integrated security solutions

    Our security management expert examines how the continual insider threat warrants the need for integrated security solutions and explains how creating a self-defending network helps meet this need. 

  • Block and reroute denial-of-service attacks

    Prevent denial-of-service and distributed denial-of-service attacks from taking down your network by blocking and rerouting DDoS and DoS traffic using honeypots, subnets and intrusion detection and prevention systems. 

  • Beat back the botnets

    Learn what botnets are, how hackers create them and what you can do to protect your network against them. 

  • ISPs, others take on worms and DDoS attacks

    A consortium formed this week will make it faster and easier to share detailed data during worm outbreaks and denial-of-service attacks.