The pros and cons of elliptic curve cryptography

Disk Encryption and File Encryption

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  • Which Unix programs can encrypt database files?

    Options may seem slim for Unix users looking to encrypt their database files. In this expert Q&A, platform security expert Michael Cobb explains whether encrypting and decrypting an entire production database is worth it to begin with. 

  • Experts: Easing standards like PCI DSS a bad idea

    Financial services practitioners say security standards like PCI DSS can be hard to heed, but that easing them would be a bad idea given the data fraud epidemic. 

  • Quiz: Demystifying data encryption

    A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the data encryption content presented by expert Tom Bowers in this lesson of's Data Protection Security School. 

  • Data encryption demystified

    Five years ago, security professionals needed a deep understanding of cryptography to make encryption work. Today, thanks to advancements in "practical" cryptography, data encryption is more user-friendly, and easier to implement and manage across mu... 

  • Locking down database applications

    In this lesson, learn how to secure database apps by building roles and privileges and monitoring access to prevent insider abuse, plus satisfy regulators by properly segregating duties and limiting application access to sensitive database data. 

  • Unlocking best practices for successful encryption key management

    The importance of encryption has long been obvious to security professionals, but the complexity of encryption key management can be almost as daunting as the cryptography algorithms themselves. In this tip, W. Curtis Preston examines today's primary... 

  • Should full disk encryption be used to prevent data loss?

    According to a Ponemon Institute survey done in August 2006, eighty-one percent of companies reported the loss of one or more laptops during a 12 month period. In this Q&A, platform security Michael Cobb explains whether that means... 

  • Cryptographer's Panel: Founding fathers still eager for new advances

    On the eve of cryptography's 30th anniversary, the men who invented the field say they're proud of what's been accomplished, but new cryptosystems are needed to keep on top of emerging threats. 

  • Coviello: In 3 years, no more stand-alone security

    RSA President Art Coviello says today's patchwork of monolithic security devices will disappear in the next three years as security is integrated into the larger IT infrastructure. 

  • TJX breach: There's no excuse to skip data encryption

    Companies complain that database encryption products are too expensive and difficult to manage, but customer loss and breach notification costs outweigh encryption expenses.