The pros and cons of elliptic curve cryptography

Disk Encryption and File Encryption

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  • Security Bytes: Microsoft pulls back user-based encryption

    In other news, McAfee unwittingly fixes an ePolicy Orchestrator security flaw and multiple vulnerabilities surface in Microsoft Works. 

  • Data Encryption Standard (DES)

    Data Encryption Standard (DES) is a widely-used method of data encryption using a private (secret) key that was judged so difficult to break by the U.S. government that it was restricted for exportation to other countries. 

  • encryption

    Encryption is the conversion of data into a form, called a ciphertext, that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people. Decryption is the process of converting encrypted data back into its original form, so it can be understood. 

  • Credant helps IT shops secure mobile technology

    Product review: Though some features need work, Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition 5.1 achieves its main mission of protecting confidential data on portable devices. 

  • Password-protecting removable media devices

    Safeguard your removable devices. Learn if any products can password-protect the entire device without requiring that the individual connections are encrypted, in this identity management and access control Q&A. 

  • Secure email exchange: Establishing security associations

    What happens if a security association can not be established during an email exchange? Michael Cobb has the answer. 

  • Crypto panel takes on RFID, bashed hash functions

    The lively exchange between some of security's biggest names in the business this year included a wake-up call to update older designs and devise a new hash function standard as well as watch out for RFID tags. 

  • Security Bytes: Cisco adds to its patch pile

    Flaws in IOS and CallManager could be exploited to escalate administrative privileges and cause a denial of service. Meanwhile, exploit code targets Veritas NetBackup. 

  • block cipher

    A block cipher is a method of encrypting text (to produce ciphertext) in which a cryptographic key and algorithm are applied to a block of data (for example, 64 contiguous bits) at once as a group rather than to one bit at a time. 

  • Quiz: Storage security

    Regulations like SOX and the recently approved Personal Data Privacy and Security Act are bringing the importance of data protection to light. Loss of data – be it inadvertent or surreptitious -- can result in fines, loss of revenue and loss of...