The pros and cons of elliptic curve cryptography

Disk Encryption and File Encryption

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  • Flaws reported in Trend Micro ServerProtect

    Storage and security managers should be wary of vulnerabilities in the AV product that could enable a denial-of-service and malicious code execution. Workarounds are available. 

  • The 5 A's of functional SAN security

    This tip examines why admins should follow the 5 A's of SAN security: Authentication, access, audits, alarms and availability, to keep their SAN secure. 

  • Smart options for safeguarding stored data

    Learn the three basic ways to encrypt sensitive data: encryption at the source, encryption with a backup application and hardware encryption, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each option. 

  • Symantec fixes 'critical' Veritas flaw

    Attackers could launch malicious code by exploiting a security hole in Veritas NetBackup servers and clients. But Symantec has released a fix. 

  • output feedback (OFB)

    In cryptography, output feedback (OFB) is a mode of operation for a block cipher. 

  • stream cipher

    A stream cipher is a method of encrypting text (to produce ciphertext) in which a cryptographic key and algorithm are applied to each binary digit in a data stream, one bit at a time. 

  • quantum cryptography

    Quantum cryptography uses our current knowledge of physics to develop a cryptosystem that is not able to be defeated - that is, one that is completely secure against being compromised without knowledge of the sender or the receiver of the messages. 

  • Encryption and password protection methods for removable storage devices

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A our platform security expert explains how to use encryption and passwords to secure removable storage devices. 

  • How to prevent drive corruption in the event of power failure

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A, learn how a PDA device stores data and programs. Also learn how Compact Flash cards and hard drives differ and what some are doing to prevent drive corruption in the event of power failure. 

  • Nexsan unveils affordable CAS with encryption

    Nexsan unveils a CAS appliance that includes encryption features and could rival EMC's Centera in the midsized market, analysts claim.