The pros and cons of elliptic curve cryptography

Disk Encryption and File Encryption

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  • What are the risks of turning off pre-boot authentication?

    In this Q&A, identity management and access control expert Joel Dubin discusses the dangers associated with turning off pre-boot authentication (PBA)? 

  • Will the PCI DSS require encryption over dedicated lines?

    Currently, the PCI Data Security Standard mandates the encryption of any wireless transmissions, but should security professionals be ready to encrypt transmissions over dedicated lines? In this expert Q&A, expert Mike Chapple reveals which PCI chang... 

  • Are encryption products better than self-destructing data?

    Although spy vs. spy shows may have made lost data deletion technologies a fun gimmick, information security threat expert Ed Skoudis explains the data protection problems that may arise when a tape "will destruct in five seconds." 

  • Which Unix programs can encrypt database files?

    Options may seem slim for Unix users looking to encrypt their database files. In this expert Q&A, platform security expert Michael Cobb explains whether encrypting and decrypting an entire production database is worth it to begin with. 

  • Should full disk encryption be used to prevent data loss?

    According to a Ponemon Institute survey done in August 2006, eighty-one percent of companies reported the loss of one or more laptops during a 12 month period. In this Q&A, platform security Michael Cobb explains whether that means... 

  • Should log traffic be encrypted?

    Should you be encrypting your security log transmissions? "It depends!" explains Mike Chapple in this expert Q&A. 

  • When choosing a digital certificate, how important is the expiration period?

    In this expert Q&A, application security pro Michael Cobb helps you plan your digital certificate policy. Cobb emphasizes the importance of keeping your Web server certificates up-to-date. 

  • What are the best authentication tools for locking down a laptop?

    Stolen laptops continue to be a troublesome issue for businesses. In this Identity Management and Access Control Ask the Expert Q&A, Joel Dubin reviews the best available authentication and encryption tools for securing company laptops. 

  • Password-protecting removable media devices

    Safeguard your removable devices. Learn if any products can password-protect the entire device without requiring that the individual connections are encrypted, in this identity management and access control Q&A. 

  • Secure email exchange: Establishing security associations

    What happens if a security association can not be established during an email exchange? Michael Cobb has the answer.