The pros and cons of elliptic curve cryptography

Disk Encryption and File Encryption

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  • Security Bytes: Cisco adds to its patch pile

    Flaws in IOS and CallManager could be exploited to escalate administrative privileges and cause a denial of service. Meanwhile, exploit code targets Veritas NetBackup. 

  • Flaws reported in Trend Micro ServerProtect

    Storage and security managers should be wary of vulnerabilities in the AV product that could enable a denial-of-service and malicious code execution. Workarounds are available. 

  • Symantec fixes 'critical' Veritas flaw

    Attackers could launch malicious code by exploiting a security hole in Veritas NetBackup servers and clients. But Symantec has released a fix. 

  • Nexsan unveils affordable CAS with encryption

    Nexsan unveils a CAS appliance that includes encryption features and could rival EMC's Centera in the midsized market, analysts claim. 

  • Encryption outside the box

    When it comes to encryption, users have two basic choices: hardware appliances or software applications. Given software's performance issues only small shops need apply. 

  • The large file challenge

    E-mail attachment caching must be included in digital asset management to enable more cost effective, secure and integrated delivery of large files. 

  • Encryption: Building to code

    Data protection mandates in legislation like HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are making encryption more popular, but cryptography as a point solution is another story. 

  • Who's Who in Infosec: Whitfield Diffie

    Who's Who in Infosec is an ongoing series featuring profiles of security professionals and their contributions to the industry. 

  • Experts: Encryption not a security cure-all

    Enterprises have to understand what security problems they have before deciding whether to encrypt data or secure the network or system on which that data is traveling. 

  • Companies focus on storage encryption

    Encryption and compression chip-maker Hifn has teamed up with storage appliance vendor NeoScale to market and sell the latter's new line of storage appliances. The appliances can protect data both while it's in transit and stored.