Best of email security 2013

Email Security Guidelines, Encryption and Appliances

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  • cryptanalysis

    Cryptanalysis refers to the study of ciphers, ciphertext, or cryptosystems (that is, to secret code systems) with a view to finding weaknesses in them that will permit retrieval of the plaintext from the ciphertext, without necessarily knowing the ke... 

  • Market trends: The future of e-mail security

    The e-mail security market is undergoing a change that is marked by commoditization and centralization. Joel Snyder analyzes these trends and offers a glimpse at the future of e-mail security products. 

  • Security Bytes: New Bagle variants spammed to millions

    Meanwhile, a new IE flaw surfaces; a new worm spoofs Google to boost companies' rankings; banks lose billions to fake customers; and an Ohio university fails to make the grade. 

  • Using secure MIME (S/MIME) for securing email

    Secure MIME (S/MIME) and digital certificates offer channel professionals a low-cost way to improve their customers' email security. This tip explains how to implement S/MIME and digital certificates for email encryption. 

  • Cracking smaller messages

    Learn whether or not a smaller message is easier to crack and how encryption makes plaintext plausible. Also learn how to encrypt a message and why you should consider using a smaller key. 

  • Encryption detection

    In the Ask the Expert Q&A, Michael Cobb, our application security expert discusses if it is possible to detect encryption. He also takes a closer look at steganography, explains what it is and how it is used to secure e-mail communications. 

  • Digital certificates and webmail

    In this Ask the expert Q&A, our application security expert analyzes whether or not you can use digital IDs and certificates with webmail. He also discusses how and where to secure these devices to ensure your e-mail system is secure. 

  • IronPort C-Series Messaging Gateway

    Learn why Information Security magazine thinks this tool has an edge among antispam products 

  • Acceptable use policies will minimize email risks

    Learn why setting comprehensive email acceptable use policies can help minimize email risks and secure your email applications. 

  • Content Alarm 1.1

    Learn why Information Security magazine believes t the Content Alarm 1.1 system, despite its cost is excellent at spotting plaintext leaks.