Best of email security 2013

Email Security Guidelines, Encryption and Appliances

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  • How secure are document scanners and other 'scan to email' appliances?

    Copiers and document scanners have always posed challenges for information security teams. In this Q&A, Michael Cobb reveals how the right policies can control the use (and abuse) of these devices. 

  • Is it possible to prevent email forwarding?

    For professionals who send sensitive information through email, it may be useful to prevent message forwarding. Not so fast, says Ed Skoudis.'s information security threat expert explains the limitations of SMTP and why you may wa... 

  • Is Sender ID an effective email authentication tool?

    Sender ID, used by five million domains, can significantly counter spammers and phishers, but is it the best antispam technology? In this expert Q&A, Michael Cobb reveals the pros and cons of the email authentication framework. 

  • Will using whitelists and blacklists effectively stop spam?

    Blacklists and whitelists are two instruments that can fight spam, but are they your best option? Application security expert Michael Cobb provides the antispam answers. 

  • If email attachments are sent via SSL will they be encrypted?

    This application security Ask the Expert Q&A explains what happens to traffic that travels over an SSL connection and details how to keep email messages and attachments secure as they travel to and from email clients and SMTP servers. 

  • Can email header information be used to track down spoofers?

    Expert Mike Cobb explains how to use your received headers to trace unwanted emails. 

  • Which public key algorithm is used for encrypting emails?

    Although PGP and S/MME both use public key encryption, Expert Joel Dubin explains PGP and S/MME's distinct approaches to e-mail coding. 

  • Use SHA to encrypt sensitive data

    Complying with the PCI Data Security Standard is now on the forefront of many security practitioner's minds. Learn how using the Secure Hashing Algorithm can help you encrypt sensitive data and help you meet the PCI Data Security Standard requirement... 

  • How to perform an email scan to protect against viruses

    Scanning your email for viruses before it reaches your Exchange Server can prevent the spread of viruses. In this applicaton security Ask the Expert Q&A, SearchSecurity's resident expert explains how to perform and effective email scan. 

  • Is there a way to identify a spoofed user ID?

    In this application security Ask the Expert Q&A, Michael Cobb explains how an organization can identify the employee who has used a spoofed user ID to intercept email exchanges.