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Email and Messaging Threats (spam, phishing, instant messaging)

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  • Yahoo launches email tool to identify eBay, PayPal phishing

    Yahoo is introducing DomainKeys signature-based email authentication technology in an effort to cut down on phishing attacks using fake eBay and PayPal messages. 

  • Will only allowing whitelist email messages stop image spam?

    Some organizations automatically delete email messages that contain images that are not from whitelist senders. That technique can combat image spam to a certain degree, says Michael Cobb. In this AtE, the application security expert explains what el... 

  • Rock Phish

    Rock Phish is both a phishing toolkit and the entity that publishes the kit, either a hacker, or, more likely, a sophisticated group of hackers. While the authors of the kit remain anonymous, Rock Phish has become the most popular phishing kit availa... 

  • Investigating phone phishing calls

    Will phishing calls ever be stopped? Maybe not, but it is possible to do a little detective work. In this expert Q&A, Ed Skoudis explains how to get some information on phishers and their "important messages." 

  • Most antispam technologies get failing grade

    An independent study finds that many enterprises are not satisfied with traditional antispam technologies. 

  • Does SMS spoofing require as much effort as email spoofing?

    SMS text message spoofing demands a little more technical knowledge than email spoofing. But not much, says information security threat expert Ed Skoudis. In this Q&A, Skoudis explains how that technical know-how has now been embedded in easy-to-use,... 

  • Is the Storm worm virus still a serious threat?

    Today, attackers continue to have success with the Storm worm and its many variations, using the malware to strengthen their nasty botnets. In this SearchSecurity.com Q&A, expert Ed Skoudis explains why these rather run-of-the-mill attacks are still ... 

  • Spammers tweak Storm to push PDF spam, less image spam

    Spammers that target enterprises are switching from image spam to emails containing PDF attachments that could eventually perform denial of service attacks and spread bot code. 

  • Countdown: Top 5 next-generation messaging attacks that antivirus can't catch

    In this Podcast, expert Mike Rothman counts down the top five next-generation messaging attacks that antivirus can't catch, and tells you how to stop them. 

  • Eliminating the threat of spam email attacks

    Spam emails cluttering your inbox aren't just a minor inconvenience; these annoying messages can infect your systems with harmful code, viruses and Trojans. Contributor Scott Sidel examines SpamAssassin, an open source software tool designed to keep ...