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Email and Messaging Threats (spam, phishing, instant messaging)

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  • McAfee: Malware all about ID theft

    The use of keylogger technology is surging and there's been a 100-fold rise in phishing attacks, according to a new report from McAfee. 

  • Outlook 2007: Image spam, mobile malware rising

    Like other security vendors, Sophos is trying to stay ahead of threats that keep getting more sophisticated and menacing. Steve Munford, the company's CEO, is particularly concerned about the rise of image spam and the likelihood of more mobile phone... 

  • Security pros grumble over spam increase

    Spim and spam from unexpected sources is challenging enterprises in 2007. Some enterprises are taking action. 

  • Security pros glean insight from '06

    Corporate acquisitions, an abundance of spam, and the White House's take on cybersecurity mark 2006. 

  • Report: Spam, phishing attacks growing more sophisticated

    Security researchers at MessageLabs and Symantec are reporting a significant rise in more sophisticated botnet and phishing attacks, putting a stranglehold on corporate communications. 

  • Criminals find safety in cyberspace

    A new report from McAfee shows how criminals are enjoying a sense of safety and anonymity in cyberspace that they never had on the street. And they're making more money. 

  • Can simple antispam filters solve the image spam problem?

    If your company has a problem with image spam, why not just filter it out? In this SearchSecurity.com Q&A, information security threat expert Ed Skoudis explains why filtering isn't the easy answer. 

  • Will using whitelists and blacklists effectively stop spam?

    Blacklists and whitelists are two instruments that can fight spam, but are they your best option? Application security expert Michael Cobb provides the antispam answers. 

  • SpamThru Trojan behind junk mail surge

    A new report from SecureWorks outlines how a Russian spam group used the SpamThru Trojan to engineer a tidal wave of unwanted email traffic. 

  • Is the SANS Top 20 still useful?

    This week in Security Blog Log: Some experts ponder whether the SANS Institute's Top 20 vulnerability list is as valuable than it once was. Others weigh in on the VoIP threat.